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Rotation animations in Dragonflight

I'm having problems with a personal project that was working just fine in 9.1, involving animations, specifically rotation.

It seems to me that the :SetOrigin function works very differently than before or is broken in some way, here is a reproducer:

local duration = 2.0;
local width = 50;

local center = CreateFrame("frame", UIParent);
center:SetPoint("CENTER", 0, 0)
center:SetSize(2, 2);
local centerTex = center:CreateTexture();
centerTex:SetColorTexture(1, 0, 0, .9);

local frame = CreateFrame("frame", UIParent);
frame:SetPoint("LEFT", UIParent, "CENTER", 0, 0)
frame:SetSize(width, width * 2);

local tex = frame:CreateTexture();
tex:SetColorTexture(0, 1, 0, .2);

local ag = frame:CreateAnimationGroup();

local rot0 = ag:CreateAnimation("Rotation");
rot0:SetOrigin("LEFT", 0.1, 0); -- try -.1, 0, .1
rot0:HookScript("OnFinished", function(...) ag:Pause(); end);

print("Scale: ", frame:GetEffectiveScale());
See the line "rot0:SetOrigin("LEFT", 0.1, 0); -- try -.1, 0, .1", and I'm already very conservative with those values here, using 1 or -1, the texture is off-screen in half a second. Also it prints "Scale: 1"

Any ideas what's going on here would be appreciated
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