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(tbc) How to hide hp/mana values on some unitframes (not all)


Im looking for a way to hide the hp/mana/energy values of my party and focus unitframes while keeping the player and target ones.

Im using everything default ui, and I use the old partyframes, I know I can hide the values with the cata raid frames but Im not a fan of those.

Could a simple script do it ?

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This is what I've come up with. It's right up against the length limit for macros.
/run local function d(b) for _,k in ipairs({"TextString","LeftText","RightText"}) do if b[k] then b[k]:Hide();b[k]=nil;end end end for _,b in ipairs({"HealthBar","ManaBar"}) do for i=1,4 do d(_G["PartyMemberFrame"..i..b]);end d(_G["FocusFrame"..b]);end
It could probably be shortened by messing with the flags instead, but I considered this approach more reliable.
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Thanks for the reply!

I see you are the same person that made the Modern Target Frame addon (which I use). I spoke to you a couple days ago on curse to ask you how I could display health/mana values simply as numerical instead of numerical/numerical! Forever in search of the perfect ui...

Anyway, I tried your macro and it works.. kinda because it produces an error with... Modern Target Frame.
In any case don't bother checking it more in depth! Because while messing arround with the Framestack macro I found the correct spelling of what I wanted to hide. And I added it to my own addon that is simply a big compilation of :SetAlpha(0) and some Scalling things here and there.

Again, thanks! I really didn't think it could be hidden that simply. Sometimes things are simplier than you think.

Good day to you in planet Azeroth.
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