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12-30-08, 04:38 PM   #1
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satrina buff frames, question


one question about satrina buff frames. i tested it the last days, and it is a nice addon. i can see everthing i need.
i take:
buff frame 1 for the player buffs
buff frame 2 for the player debuffs
buff frame 3 for the target buffs
buff frame 4 for the target debuffs
each frame with max 32 buffs. and 11 buffs in a row. and in toal 3 rows....
now i placed the buff frame 1 (player buffs) in the left top corner of my interface. and the buff frame 2 (player debuffs) next to it. and the buff frame 3 next to buff frame 2, and buff frame 4 next to buff frame 3....
the problme now is that there is much space between buff frame 1 and buff frame 2. because in theory i can show 11 buffs in one row. but if i have ony 4 buffs at the moment, the addon althrough needs place for 11 buffs in a row.
is it possible to "delete" these "empty buffs"? or that buff frame 2 is linked to buff frame 1? so, that if buff frame 1 only has 3 buffs, that buff frame 2 begin directly next to the last buff of buff frame 1?
i how the last effect from elkanos buffbars. if you put the buffbar above the debuffbar, the debuffbar will displaced to the bottom, the more buffs in the buffbar are. is thereīs something else for satrina buff frames?
the problem is the same between buff frame 3 and buff frame 4.

if ther is no way to solve the problem, does someone know an alternative? an addon for bufframes, whith symbols, and the possibility to show the buffs in different rows and colomns?

i hope someone can help me

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12-30-08, 11:37 PM   #2
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why don't you just use 1 row per frame?
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12-31-08, 05:24 AM   #3
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and then? one long row for my buffs, and one long row under it for my debuffs?



b= buff
d= debuff

do you mean something like that?

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12-31-08, 10:48 AM   #4
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Yeah something like that is what he means :P
It's extremely rare to have that much buffs/debuffs anyway. If you're concerned about space, you could filter some buffs out as well perhaps? (for example slice & dice for rogues, no need to have that in your buffs display taking space.)
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01-01-09, 06:46 AM   #5
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hmmm, i understand.
you are right, normaly i donīt have much buffs and debuffs. excapt for raids.
but i thing i will try to put the buffs in that way...

and a happy new year!
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