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Need help with a UI =/


I used this UI back in TBC, and would like to find out what it was called and if it's possible to find the download for it again. I really would like some help on this one. It's been a very long time since I've used mods, as I've stuck with the vanilla UI since WotLK.

It would be better if I could find this UI for TBC, as I would use it on my server (not including information on anything here, I'll just say server so it's "official" retail) as well as my retail character. I can patch up the addons from the pack if it could be found, I just have no idea what it was called or where to download it. I know I found it here, though.

Please help :P
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Discussion of Private Servers, in any manner other than theoretical, is completely against our rules. We are an Official Fan Site. We follow Blizzard's rules, on top of our own rules.

Threads requesting assistance with Private Servers get locked. Repeated postings get you banned.
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