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Circular Masks for Textures

Holy Cow.

I finally had enough time to do a testrun on this:

The bottom textures are rotating all the time btw.

So rotatiing masked circular textures are actually possible.

Currently tricking out the values. Will post he code when done.

So here is the first result with a texture of my own:

My texture is 128x128px. I think what the distortion tells me is that I need to make the basic texture go 64x64px. Gonna try that now. Texture has to be in BLP file format to work btw.


Got it.

What you see here is the first circular masked rotating texture in WoW.

All textures are the same. Just two of them are masked and two of them use the animation system.

But...this is nothing more but an alpha layer with some very strict rules. So you will not profit from it that much unless you want to use it on tons of textures that have no circular alpha layer.

If that kind of mask could be applied to models...well that would be another story.

  -- Zorks round texture animation testmod

  local function createme(h,tex,circle,x,y,size,dur,degree)    
    local t = h:CreateTexture(nil,"BACKGROUND",nil,-8)
    if circle then
      SetPortraitToTexture(t, "Interface\\AddOns\\rGalaxy\\"..tex)
    if dur then
      local ag = t:CreateAnimationGroup()    
      local anim = ag:CreateAnimation("Rotation")
    return t    
  local h = CreateFrame("Frame",nil,UIParent)  
  local a = createme(h,"bob",true,70,70,128)
  local b = createme(h,"bob",false,-70,70,128)
  local c = createme(h,"bob",true,70,-70,128,15,360)
  local d = createme(h,"bob",false,-70,-70,128,15,360)
  local e = createme(h,"bob",true,70,-140,128,15,-360)
  local f = createme(h,"bob",false,-70,-140,128,15,-360)
bob is a BLP file with no alpha layer and 64x64 px in size.
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Hi Zork,
I'm working on an animation, and for lack of a better place to ask you... may I pose the question here?

I'm trying to make a healthbar which would play an animation of bubbles when in combat. So for example if you look at this pic:
You can see that the bubbles would need to be masked somehow as the container filled or emptied.

So I worked my way through some basics - I created a SetTexCoord that shows me part of an image. I created a basic Translation animation. But I really can't see where to go from there.

Here are my bubbles (tga file), I can easily make the image different - longer and with more bubbles etc, if needed.

It easily moves across the screen, but I don't understand how you are "masking". While I can hide part of my bubbles, the visible part does not stay contained with a container frame's borders.

Do you have an example of this somewhere?
In the same vein, have you seen any examples of a health Statusbar that uses SetTexCoord (rather than stretching or repeating the statusbar texture)?

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well for the healthbar part, you can do

and then you add a texture that is always at 100%, and you just give it a low alpha, that way it looks like a shadow of the texture is in its place.

This makes a vertical statusbar
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12-15-10, 06:58 AM   #4
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damn you Lyelu, that looks just like a steampunk-inspired UI I'm working on :P Goes perfectly with an Engineering Goblin. Oh well, the world does need more steampunk
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Not my picture, lol.
It was just an example, to help visualize the question of how to animate bubbles, most efficiently. I suppose you could just do them individually, and hide them at the end with another graphic, but it strikes me as a fairly complex workaround.
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