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Warehouse update ?


According to github, Carbonite Warehouse was last updated 8 days ago...

Is it just me or are there something I need to do with regards to the Warehouse to make it update so it can also find anything Legion that my toons have already learned in their professions?
I used to use Warehouse a lot for all sorts of things, mainly to check if they could make a certain enchant or belt in LW or similar... But atm it's mostly a big mumble jumble even if I use the search bar in the module for the specific toon and it's specific profession...

Also most stuff are missing their icons.. all you see is a big fat red ? as icons.
After having open Warehouse, clicked on a certain toon and then it's desired profession, the right click menu to sort items through slot isn't always working, especially not for fx. Enchanting, Cooking, Alchemy, Engineering ect.
And it's not just for Legion stuff, it's also for WoD, MoP stuff...

Warehouse used to fx. sort Enchanting recipes through the different gear pieces that an enchant could be placed on. Using the "sorting method" doesn't do that anymore.

Is there anything I my self can do, for Warehouse to update so it's actually functional instead of just wasting space atm?

Want to upload carbonite quest data? Then this is link you need: http://atk.github.io/Carbonite/ scroll down the page and halfway there's a button for Browse. Follow the directions to [WoW]\WTF\Account\[Account]\SavedVariables directory and select the file named Carbonite.Quests (it's the LUA file) then upload the file.

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