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Zuldazar Main Hub/City


As always, thank you for your hard work and effort in making Carbonite what it is: The best addon ever created!

To the issue:

Carbonite map isn't showing the map of the main hub (you know the HUGE pyramid with all the trainers/vendors ect.) https://i.imgur.com/d8ajk2q.jpg I have the Carbonite map showing just above my right side chat (currently "visiting" the stablemaster) but the map is just blank.
However, if I venture up the pyramid and in to The Great Seal (where the Innkeeper is) I do have a map shown: https://i.imgur.com/j3czOaG.jpg
As do the maps work when out in the outside world of BfA: https://i.imgur.com/AmMiAQX.jpg

I haven't changed any settings what so ever since BfA came out (you see, I see no reason to mess up things that work and it works) and I got the new version of Carbonite from the Twitch client which is set to Alpha for all of Carbonite. I did notice there was an update through the Twitch client for Carbonite Maps today, which I went and got.

It's worth mentioning that while the map shows blank when in the Main Hub, zooming out make the player-arrow appear to be in the middle of nowhere between all the Carbonite Maps. It's odd to explain and I don't have a picture of it either. (if you want one, say so)
Also, when leaving the Main Hub and therefor the Carbonite Maps switching from blank to not-blank, most of the time, the map it moves on to (like outside the city) is zoomed in about as far as it can go. Zooming out works and it stays zoomed out for that session... If you visit the main hub again then the map shows as blank and when you exit the main hub the map is zoomed all the way in. Using Save Map Scale on the zoomed out map, does save the map scale, until you enter and exit the Main Hub again.

Also if I visit Orgrimmar or Undercity or some other city (like the main hub in Uldum), the map is zoomed in for some reason. Zooming out works, then Save Map Scale works until I fx. switch character that then visits a different Major City then the map is zoomed in again and I have to zoom out again.
Honestly it isn't a big deal and as it's possible to zoom out it's "fine".. it's just slightly annoying having to do that every single time.

I get no error reports so nothing to show you in that department.

Btw, I've done a ton of stuff in BfA alrdy, like quests... do you still use http://atk.github.io/Carbonite/ for uploading of quest data? And are there anywhere to post files or sorts that'll give you the data of gathered herbs ect. ?
Want to upload carbonite quest data? Then this is link you need: http://atk.github.io/Carbonite/ scroll down the page and halfway there's a button for Browse. Follow the directions to [WoW]\WTF\Account\[Account]\SavedVariables directory and select the file named Carbonite.Quests (it's the LUA file) then upload the file.

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