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GetRuneCooldown returning nil after zoning

GetRuneCooldown and GetRuneType both return nil if they are called right after zoning. The test spot I used is the portal at the tram in IF or SW.

Is this intended something changed or a bug?
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What event are you listening for to make sure the rune data is updated and available? I am assuming PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD? Use the event tracer to see what events fire shortly after PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD, UNIT_POWER may fire when your rune information becomes accurate and accessible.
08-06-14, 03:33 PM   #3
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Its happening with everything I think. Anything using UnitPower, this does not happen on live.
I have events that fire when ever I need to refresh all the bars in my addon. I dont listen to those events, but other events fire when you zone. Hopefully we'll be fixed, I have no work around atm.

This isn't logging in, this is when you zone, go from one zone to another. The best place to test it is zoning in or out at the trams in IF/SW.

This is beta so I suspect a lot of stuff is still broken here and there.
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PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD fires every time you return from a loading screen, not just when you log in.
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