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Large fps drops in some areas (9.0+)

I noticed this during Brewfest and now again during Pilgrim's Bounty. My fps drops from 60 to single digits when I cross the Gates of Orgrimmar and into Durotar (entire zone). Northern Barrens and Azshara are normal 60 fps but Ashenvale drops to 15 fps. I've done this with Carbonite Maps as the only enabled addon with the same results. Disabled tracking for herbs/minerals/pets to no effect. Has anyone else experienced this behavior?
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This has been happening to one of my toons too. Bizarrely, only on one toon that I've noticed so far. Everything is fine in Stormwind, but when I leave the city and fly over Elwynn Forest, the game basically freezes. The fps drops to 3 or less. By disabling addons, I realised it was Carbonite Maps that was causing the problem.

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