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After installation server is recognized as a "private server"?

Hey guys,

I installed the Questhelper addon just a couple of minutes ago. Now after the login I get 2 error message: 1. Questhelper is broken, you may restart WoW. 2. Questhelper does not work with private server.

Especially the 2nd messages confuses me, because I never played on a private server at all. Since at least 3 years I play on US server Garona.

Is there something I didn't realize?

Many thanks for any hint :-)

Best regards
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It is most likely due to Questhelper being an outdated mod. It was last updated (09-30-12 10:57 AM), almost 5 years ago.
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After reviewing QuestHelper's code and skimming through WoW changes, QH is looking for the function WatchFrame_RemoveObjectiveHandler, which was removed in Patch 6.0.2 along with entire WatchFrame.lua file. Quest tracking was then rolled into a new ObjectiveTracker, which became a separate "addon" inside the interface code.

Given that QH is looking for three specific functions as a failsafe to protect against private servers, I'm assuming those three functions weren't available in Wrath and earlier and are necessary for the addon to function. Since one of them is missing now, QH probably won't work even if you disabled the private server check.
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Yes, the whole watch frame and quests system has been redone twice since QH was last updated.

/edit: I've gone ahead and moved QH and QH Lite into the outdated category.
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