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A few issues i found so far

1- When i minimize the WoW screen to go to my desktop then go back to full screen, my bars are all messed up, have to /nui rl to get it back to normal

2- Cannot move the Bag bar. The bubble moves but the frame itself doesnt.

3- player/target mana and hp bars often go black. Have to /nui rl to get it back to normal

4- When switching duel spec, from one spec to another, the bars change to the appropriate spec bar, but sometimes spells are missing in the bars and need to be reapplied.

5- I noted my chat settings were not saving, kept having to reset them

6- When the HUD is on, i would get 2 and sometimes 3 casting bars on my screen, disabled HUD to get this to stop

Thats all i can think of atm....I noted that the biggest problem is when switching from full screen mode to surf your desktop. When i put WOW back in full screen mode, the UI is all messed up. /nui rl fixes it tho

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