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11-09-14, 02:12 AM   #1
A Theradrim Guardian
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Version: 10.0.5_alpha

Enjoying the update so far Sigg. Thanks.

Although in the latest alpha first thing I ran into was this error when selecting the drop down menu to select a skin for my bar buttons.


Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\PopupMenu.lua:47: attempt to call field 'checked' (a table value)

Stack trace:
Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\PopupMenu.lua:81: in function <Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\PopupMenu.lua:78>
Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\FrameClasses\List.lua:75: in function `OnRenderCell'
Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\Grid.lua:525: in function `SetVirtualPosition'
Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\FrameClasses\List.lua:165: in function `Update'
Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\FrameClasses\List.lua:149: in function <Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\FrameClasses\List.lua:140>
[C]: in function `GetHeight'
Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\FrameClasses\List.lua:142: in function `Rebuild'
Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\PopupMenu.lua:255: in function `Expand'
Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\FrameClasses\Dropdown.lua:20: in function <Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\FrameClasses\Dropdown.lua:10>


Also, the "BlizzMenu" square, similar to the RealID and game tooltip stays on my screen even when I am not in edit mode.


The next error I ran into was when doing battle grounds.

Interface\AddOns\RDX\CommMgr\CommEngine.lua:170: Unknown addon chat type

Stack trace:
Interface\AddOns\RDX\CommMgr\CommEngine.lua:170: in function `Send'
Interface\AddOns\RDX\CommMgr\Streams.lua:330: in function `SendLine'
Interface\AddOns\RDX\CommMgr\Streams.lua:183: in function <Interface\AddOns\RDX\CommMgr\Streams.lua:179>
Interface\AddOns\RDX\CommMgr\Streams.lua:209: in function <Interface\AddOns\RDX\CommMgr\Streams.lua:207>
Interface\AddOns\RDX\CommMgr\Streams.lua:321: in function `Send'
Interface\AddOns\RDX\CommMgr\StreamingRPC.lua:147: in function `Flash'
Interface\AddOns\RDX\RosterMgr\UDB.lua:1574: in function <Interface\AddOns\RDX\RosterMgr\UDB.lua:1570>
Interface\AddOns\VFL\Timers\Schedulers.lua:125: in function <Interface\AddOns\VFL\Timers\Schedulers.lua:122>

As always, when I find more I will post them. Party on Sigg and thanks for the add-on.
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