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10-09-12, 01:31 PM   #1
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ElvUI and TukUI compatability

Just had a feature request for skinning compatability with ElvUI they have a skinning feature with embedded options and I think it'd be awesome to have it all worked together. Check out the interface at Tukui.org its been a lifesaver for me. It's replaced almost all of my other addons (except Carbonite) and has saved me hours upon hours of trying to configure other addons.

Here's an example of how i've made it work.

Thanks for all your hard work on this Rythal. I would cry if i didn't have my Carbonite.
10-10-12, 09:45 AM   #2
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Yeah would love to see that as well if its Possible.
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Honestly I think the work would mostly be done on Elv's side but I guess i'm just requesting since Rythal is rewriting alot of the addon that he consider some compatibility for alternative skinning if its possible. And being able to embed the minimap like you can with Recount, TinyDps, etc.

Thanks again Rythal,

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Cant agree more!

I am a new user to ElvUI, but absolutely love it! I had a bit of a problem getting it to work with Carbonite, but have since resolved the issue regarding a disappearing minimap. I have used Carbonite from almost day one of my playing wow. (almost a year.. newbie I know lol)

I was overjoyed when I saw it was being updated! Then went almost into panic mode when I couldnt get it to work right with ElvUI.

I am one HAPPY WoW player today now that my two favorite of all time addons are working!

I cant think of anything that would be better than to have carbonite relate the way recount does within ElvUI that would just be more than Awesome!

HUGE HUGE thanks to all the hard work and dedication to keep this beloved add on alive!! I know lots of my guildies would have been devastated to have lost it!
06-20-13, 08:38 PM   #5
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I would love to be able to embed carbonite into my ElvUI frame. It sucks having to have these both separate. I saw somewhere where someone had embeded carbonite into the left chat panel of ElvUI but I have no clue how they did so. That would be something I would consider. It looked really nice, however having it embeded into the main minimap window would be the best feature imo. Here's hoping that this feature gets added.
<crosses fingers>

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