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11-28-16, 10:52 AM   #1
A Defias Bandit
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Lightbulb [request] Use artifact power items

I have a request/suggestion for an addon...
Since i have no coding skills what so ever... :-P

This addon is a 2 function addon, but nice and its really high on my chrismas wishlist... :-D

# Function 1:

I was thinking about making a macro to use all kinds of artifact power items, something like:

/use Symbol of Victory
/use Adventurer's Wisdom
/use Questor's Glory
... and so on...
so i could quickly with just 1 action bar/keybinding use any and all items that grants artifact power...

But i quickly found out that there is tons of different names of items that provide artifact power, that i would need 2 make several macros, because each macro can only be 255 characters long...

So i was thinking maybe make an addon witch have all the known items in the list and have that addon give u an action buttons u can place on the action bar or keybind it, so that the addon with do the "macro" with /use "all the different AP items names"...
Or some other nice/handy/simple way of activating this addon...

# Function 2:

But also, if this addon also had an extra feature, where when you click/activate the addon to use the artifact power items in your bags, it first gives you a pop-up warning, telling you what artifact weapon you have equipped, so you don't accidently use it in the wrong weapon...

Lets say like me, you use dps build for world quest farming (lets say retri paladin), and once u done all the quests and caches, you wanna use the power, but in your tank / holy build as this is your main for raiding/pvp or whatever...

Then a pop-up comes up, saying something like: "You are trying to use your artifact power in your retribution build. Are you sure you wanna continue?" (maybe even add a pic for the weapon for easy and fast see if its the right weapon)...
Then with 2 option "yes" and "no" ofc...
If you click yes, a 1 minute timer starts, where u can spam this button/keybind and then it uses up all the items u have... The 1 minute timer is for if u then start doing some other stuff and activate it again, the addon won't think you've already said yes 2 this earlier, and accidently use it in the wrong build...
And ofc, if you say no, you and click it again, it will just give you the pop-up again, untill you say yes...

And maybe a safegaurd feature: the timer always "reset" if you have changed talent/artifact weapon, so you don't say yes, and for some reason change talent/weapon and then use it in the wrong weapon...

I don't know how much work is in this addon, i hope its a little easy program for an experienced addon-maker... Or even if it takes some doing, you find this a good idea and wanna do it anyway :-D

PS. an idea for the name of the addon: "Use my power"... (seems like a fitting name) :-D

Thx if any1 makes this!!!
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11-28-16, 10:42 PM   #2
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Pull to action bar and click until done. Since bars are spec-specifc, you won't use them on wrong weapon because macro will be on bars just for one spec.
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11-29-16, 05:13 AM   #3
A Cliff Giant
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try https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/artifactpoweruser
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11-29-16, 11:10 AM   #4
A Defias Bandit
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Thumbs up

Thx Rowaasr13...

That macro was what i meant... But didn't know it could be in 1 macro like that...
Still i know each talent have different "bar-setup", i would still love to have the button on my bars in all spec, but just would like a "pop-up"/warning be4 using them making sure i was using them in the right weapon...

Sometimes i do wanna put some in my other builds, so they don't lack behind, and at least have all 3 majors traits in all weapons...

But this will work fine... Just gotta be more aware what build im in when using them :-D

Also thx to you Mazzop...
Would be perfect if that addon had the "safety" timer i was thinking about, but the macro Rowaasr13 gave me would do for now...
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