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Unable to see enemy casting bar progress

Hi All,

There are quite a few times when a player needs to know when a spell will be cast so they can jump or time a counter spell. Before installing nUI, which I really like, I could clearly see this information on a progress bar.

I was just forced to leave a group because I could not tell when the boss was going to cast 'Static Cling' and as a healer, that was a deal breaker. WIPE.

I'm pretty sure that if I have the boss targeted I will see a progress bar for his upcoming spell, but is there a setting that will allow this to be seen without the boss being targeted? As healer, I am mostly targeting the tank.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Set the boss as your focus.
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You can either set the boss as your focus, as suggested, or install a mod like DBM which will keep you ahead of all the key boss activities.

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Thanks guys for your help.

If I set the boss as focus, he ends up so low and small in the middle box, that in the heat of the battle, I don't see the progress of the casting (if it is even there). I tried using nui movers to move that frame, but of course that doesn't work.

I do have DBM installed and it does warn that the spell is being cast, but without the progress bar, I didn't know when to jump so I got glued to the floor. (I had jumped too soon)

Any other suggestions or addons with bars that I could move more to the center of the screen? I know there are many casting bar addons, just looking for suggestions.

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Hmm, I thought DBM had 2 different bars for things like with it turning into a bigger bar when its close to happening. I used to use the small bar lower in the screen and the bigger bar more central so that when I needed to know of it being imminent I was ready for it. But it has been a while since I raided so things may have changed somewhat.

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