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11-19-20, 06:30 PM   #1
A Defias Bandit
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StarCursor nan(ind)

hi i used the addon StarCursor for some time now and wanted to debug it since it has some issues after the prepatch.

the bug happens sometimes after a loadingscreen and corrupts some calculationand turns a Number into nan(ind) (NotANumber) and freezes the cursor animation. no lua error

the line " print(tostring((-1)^.5)); " also triggers the bug but i dont understand how this NaN affects the other calculations

This would be a fix but i stil would not understand what happens:
if (speed<0 and speed>0) then speed=0; end

The code:

local x,y,speed = 0,0,0; -- cursor (SnowfallCursor by Dyan)
local CursorFrame = CreateFrame("Frame", "CursorFrame", UIParent);
CursorFrame.texture = CursorFrame:CreateTexture();
CursorFrame:SetScript( "OnUpdate", function(frame,elapsed)
local dX = x;
local dY = y;
x, y = GetCursorPosition();
dX = x - dX;
dY = y - dY;
local weight = 2048 ^ -elapsed;
speed = math.min(weight * speed + (1 - weight) * math.sqrt(dX * dX + dY * dY) / elapsed, 1024);
local size = speed / 6 - 50;
if ( size > 0) then
local scale = UIParent:GetEffectiveScale();
CursorFrame.texture:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, "BOTTOMLEFT", (x + 0.5 * dX) / scale, (y + 0.5 * dY) / scale);
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A Molten Giant
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That's not the code for the current version of StarCursor. It was updated on Curseforge back on October 19th. Try updating it first.

If it doesn't work after updating, the only suggestion I have is adding the following line under GetCursorPosition:

x, y = GetCursorPosition();
if not x or not y then return end
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11-20-20, 02:12 AM   #3
A Defias Bandit
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yeah i have integrated the code in my own addon but the bug still exists in the current starfallcursor addon.
the cursor position is not the problem as far as i know.
i looked into it and the position allways seems to be a number.

its just that the behaviour is so strange that i dont see the pattern yet.

for example the result from this line is still nan(ind):
if (speed<0 and speed>0) then speed=0; print("reset:",speed); end
but this works
if (speed<0 and speed>0) then speed=1; print("reset:",speed); end

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11-20-20, 05:02 PM   #4
A Molten Giant
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Oh, I didn't catch this at first. The statement "if speed<0 and speed>0 then" does not work. It will never be true.

I also didn't catch this other thing because my last math class was almost two decades ago. (-1)^.5 results in an imaginary number and is not handled by Lua. Why is that there?
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11-21-20, 03:44 AM   #5
A Defias Bandit
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at some point in the loading screen the calculations in starcursor turn a number into a nan(ind) NotaNumber.
at that point the condition speed<0 and speed>0 is true for the variable.

(-1)^.5 is a reliable way to produce a NaN. just found it in a forum post and wanted to see the output. But after i added it the addon would bug out right from the start.

i have this as a fix and it works:
if (speed<0 and speed>0) then speed=1; end

but i still would like to know what happens to trigger the bug.
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