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Rythal, what's going on?

I've waited a month (quietly), watching the forum posts during that time, and I've seen no comments at all from you about what's going on. At least, I've seen nothing communicative about progress or plans from you.

* Are you still in the States or wherever?
* Are you in Europe now?
* If not, are you still planning to go there?
* When might you return to the States, and/or activity within the forums?
* Are you still "reviewing" everything? That has been a very long time now since you said that.
* If you have completed "reviewing," what have you determined?
* Have you done anything (yourself) with the reported/corrected issues with Carbonite?

From what I can gather from looking at the GitHub, other people have helped you complete a number of issues. Those fixed issues (in GitHub) have not been approved nor incorporated into the "Live" version. There appears to be only -one- issue which was assigned to you, and that one is now 28 days old. And, it has had no comments since then. Are you working on only one issue? What about the rest of the numerous issues which still exist?

I'm simply asking again... what is going on? Why can't we be informed of an up-to-date status on a regular basis?

I may be mistaken, but if you're in Europe, I thought the Internet existed there, too?

If you are on vacation there, I don't mean to intrude by asking you to do any work on Carbonite. But, (if you aren't there), I'm sure we'd like to hear from you. It will be appreciated. Apparently, the other folks who have worked so very hard and diligently in helping you (without responses from you) are at a complete stand-still -- (they can't do anything without your participation!), since you are the only one who is making decisions for everyone else.

Rythal, if it's not too much trouble, please give us a COMPLETE, itemized overview of what is happening and what is next in line to be handled, and where you are now in the code issues.

This Carbonite forum is nearly dead. The addon seems to be forgotten by you. You may be working on it fervently, but we have no idea unless you let us know something. It can't be that time consuming for you to do so, unless you are in Italy in a gondola, being rowed through the canals of Venice with the one you love! We all hope that our contributions helped you to enjoy that experience.


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