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Naughty little secrets!

Okay so while waiting for the Hellbane rares to spawn and slamming F5 to refresh the group finder tool, it came to my mind that probably more authors use addons they will not release because of reasons.

So any of you guys have some dirty secrets? Like an addon that /burps every 20 minutes for roleplaying reasons?

Myself i wrote a little addon to be able to refresh the group finder by pressing F5 instead of clicking the icon. Also i can queue up dro groups by double clicking the entry in the goupfinder list I never released it because i do not think that many people will find it useful
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03-04-16, 01:06 AM   #2
I did that?
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I have my own personal addon called foibles because it contains my own personal ...
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03-04-16, 06:45 AM   #3
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Many authors have either lots of small addons or one "toolbox" addon that contains a lot of minor stuff that they simply don't release.

My example: https://github.com/p3lim-wow/Inomena
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03-04-16, 08:12 AM   #4
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I have my own addon that allows me to track events with ease and it abbreviates a lot of the developer functions and slash commands. The same addon also contains an unfinished lua editor that looks very much like Sublime, but I couldn't be arsed to finish it. Nowadays I just use the abbreviations.
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03-04-16, 08:27 AM   #5
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I have a library that has a few utility fuctions, such as:
  • Hex to binary
  • Binary to hex
  • A modified math.round() function
  • Other things I'm forgetting
It is embedded, so AddOn:Instruction() rather than lib:Instruction(), load on demand, and I didn't release it because most of those functions probably aren't used enough on a constant basis to warrant anything other than a local function or addon_table function.
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03-05-16, 11:46 PM   #6
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  • A realmhopping addon that stays on other realms without staying in the group.
    I made this one for finding Voidtalon, but found it on my own realm 2 weeks after the patch came ;)
  • A simple background group scanning addon, helped me to get all the rare mounts when WoD came out (Pathrunner and all the others) and all the garrison boss mounts (it also does a quick scan after logging in).
    There are better solutions out there now for sure, but they didn't exist when I needed them.
  • A challenge mode addon that compares boss engage and kill times to the last run and also reminds when when to use invisibility, specific items and other stuff like that.
    Made that one during sell runs in MoP when they were still highly profitable, but didn't finish it. Maybe in Legion.
  • A small addon that temporary overrides all keybindings with custom ones - only useful when playing with other accounts.
    Accountsharing is bad bad bad. (I only needed this because I couldn't even move my sister's character because of her stupid keybindings)
  • Pet battle daily automation, spam one big button (or in my case the mouse wheel) to win.
    I'm sure Squirt hates me now for killing her pets hundrets of times.
  • AH automation to alert me when getting undercut
    Used this in MoP, pissed some people off. WoD made gold worthless, so there's no need for camping the AH 24/7 anymore (and I also don't have the time for it anymore)...
  • My whole UI and its module framework
    Did it for the challenge in 2008+ - I'm still using and extending it, but if I would do it again, I'd propably just use existing libraries now ;)
  • Other stuff I can't remember right now, mostly for automating boring tasks as much as possible.

My main reason for not releasing is that I don't write configuration GUIs (because this usually takes longer that implementing the main functionality itself) and I always create them as modules for my UI so I don't have to reinvent the wheel every time for simple tasks.

BTW @Miiru: Rarity adds a checkbox to the group finder to constantly refresh the list if you don't want to ruin your keyboard. It also plays a sound when a new group pops up.
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03-06-16, 04:47 AM   #7
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I have one that uses the first macro tab (120 macros) as character macros and the second macro tab (18 macros) as general macros. That is because 18 character macros isn't enough for me and I barely have macros that I use on all chars. It also saves the action bars and restore the saved ones when I log in or change specs automatically (like action bar saver but better).

I tried to release it but the conversion code proved to be very big (same size of the rest of the core part), would run just once and hence hard to debug. So I decided to remove all the transition part, I am proud of myself for this addon because it is much harder to do than it seems.


I have have a miscellaneous addon that does some little things:
1) put elite dragons on my portrait and players of my level or above portraits as well
2) scale shift-m map by 1.5 and automatically shows/hides it when I enter/leave a battleground (I like rbgs)
3) eliminates the need of #showtooltip in macros to save characters
4) a smart tab target that I consider better than the alternatives
5) changes macro UI font to consolas.ttf
6) to split stacks because I use arkinventory with the option to hide empty bag slots
7) makes the addon selection (the one you use to disable/enable addons before reload ui) default option to be the "character addons" instead of "all toons"
8) some other minor stuff not worth mentioning
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03-06-16, 01:49 PM   #8
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I have quite a few of unreleased addons as well as a custom development addon simply called "Test". Test contains a Reload UI/GFX button, a custom Dump function that has passthrough capabilities and support for circular references, various search code for globals (find by partial key, key pattern, or value), link constructor and decoder, tooltip debug, and code to suppress error popups while in combat and shows them after leaving combat. It also contains a couple dedicated Lua files called "Sandbox". One holds a bunch of minor UI tweaks and modifications. The other I created recently to write and test code I post here on the forums.
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03-08-16, 12:27 AM   #9
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I got one quite dirty addon to:
- hide keybind labels from action bars
- trim and resize default pet bar
- filter spammy error messages ("The spell is not ready yet")
- collapse quest tracker when you first login
- set some globals and cvars
- set global UI scale, just to ignore the cvar hassle
- a bunch of old helper functions
- cpu usage listing of addons

I also use it as a scratchpad to quickly prototype small addons, and just leave some really specific to my ui things there.

What I always wanted to do, but never got around to is keybinding stuff. Like to automatically rebind A and D to strafe on a new PTR character.
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03-08-16, 06:58 PM   #10
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I tend to look at authors GitHub to see what they have and download at MY OWN RISK with NO SUPPORT! I really need to finish a few addons that I started.
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03-09-16, 05:57 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by rocnroll View Post
I tend to look at authors GitHub to see what they have and download at MY OWN RISK with NO SUPPORT!
I like doing this too, lol.
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