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Third party addon updater not finding addons

I don't know if this is a reasonable place to put this. Please, moderators, move this as needed.

TL;DR: Cursebreaker (https://github.com/AcidWeb/CurseBreaker) can't find 3 addons I asked it for here, out of ... many. (most). Two are in Discontinued, but one, Hekili, is being actively updated here multiple times a day of late. Mentioning this to CurseBreaker's author, the response was that WoWI's API didn't know about the addons. (https://github.com/AcidWeb/CurseBreaker/issues/195)

Is this something you folks are willing to figure out and take action on? I have spent my time this past week figuring out CurseBreaker, asince it claims a (not very tested) native Linux version, and I need to do some research to figure out making sure I have Java in order to use Minion. If you'd rather I just use Minion, I can work on that also, but before I put that work in only to find the same problem, I wanted to ask about it.

Thank you for your answer, whatever it is.

Other info, tho I'm not sure if it's relevant: I play WoW under WINE using Lutris, currently 5.19 staging, on Ubuntu 20.04. I'm comfortable making changes via textfile/emacs, and can somewhat follow code, but I'm not a coder - my attempt a few years ago to learn something about LUA ended up with 2 migraines in 4 days. I'm clearly no longer able to follow threaded logic, and my attempt at a comp sci degree was back when PASCAL was the teaching language, and object-oriented wasn't a common buzzword, and I failed out on the math-based theory end of things.

(More background:
When I realized I had 200 addons to update for Shadowlands (addonholic?) I looked around for another updater. I started to figure out making sure java was installed properly on my Linux box in order to see if I could make Minion work. I was also pointed at 3 other addon updaters, and chose CurseBreaker to look at because it claimed to have native Linux version, and would pull from a wide array of sources, including curseforge, wowi, github, and I think 3 others. However, of the very many addons I told it to pull from here, it can't find three: Minimap Button Frame, Petcare, and Hekili. The first two are linked under Discontinued, but the last is being actively updated. (rest pulled into top para))

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