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A Cyclonian
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Maps Only

I have used Carbonite for many years including when it had a monthly fee. I truly appreciated the hard work that everyone does and especially the work Rythal did to keep it going. I wish him the best and THANK YOU!
I know that Carb has been broken out into modules but there certainly are still things in Carb Maps that the other modules need and are possibly not needed in the Maps module itself. Additionally, there are many features in the Maps module that may be considered overkill for a simple map addon (routing, skins, tracking, transparency, gathering etc.). The main reason I love Carbonite and I'm sure many feel the same is the Maps. To have a moveable, sizable, zoomable map that remains onscreen is priceless to me. I do not ever use it embedded with the Blizz minimap so I essential have an extra little square map on the bottom right of my screen that sits there and is always open, minimap2 I guess. The thing is, unlike the Blizz minimap, the Carb minimap is moveable, sizeable, zoomable as I mentioned above. I realize the Blizz minimap can be zoomed in and out but certainly not to the extent that the Carb map can. I have tried many other map addons, some make the map sizable, zoomable etc but unfortunately they all inherit the Blizz maps behavior, specifically they all close when you do anything (interact with an npc, access the quest log, go into combat etc.) and don’t necessarily remember their size, zoom level and position on the screen. So here is my question:
With what is known by the Carb developers/maintainers is it possible to have a very simple map addon that is separate from the Blizz Map/Minimap that is moveable, sizable, zoomable (mouse wheel support is great) and also always remains open? This could be a very stripped down version of the existing Carb Maps or a completely new barebones addon with the above features?
I would love this and also would help any way I could including donations if that would help.
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Carbonite it self is maintained for the moment,

but it is not possible to Udate it on wowi / Curse only github development for the Moment,

I can Understand your Opinion,

for Maps only you need only to copy the Carbonite folder and not folders like Carbonite quests and so on into your Interface folder


greetings Samyonair
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It appears Rythal is stepping away. I certainly hope the project gets taken over, I know you and ircdirk have helped but it is my understanding that for now only Rythal knows the mapping part well. I've tried other map addons (Mapster, Mappy, Sexy Map, Chinchilla etc.) The issue with all of these is basically the inability to scroll and size the map to extremes like carb does. They all are limited it appears by how far the Blizz minimap scrolls in and out. As I said I use Carb maps like a second minimap and my post was made wondering if just a basic map only addon can be made that does this and would be reasonable to maintain. I know I can install just the Carb Maps addon but again, it may not be updated down the road. The existing Carb maps is very complex, it may be that this is necessary but again I was looking for something as basic as possible but with the features I mentioned. Moveable, sizable, zoomable (mouse wheel support is great) and also always remains open. Heck, I've seen some addons that actually do this except for the always remains open option. Mapster I think was one but that may even be soon abandoned. I think Mapster just modified the Blizz map where as Rythals's seems to be a copy of it.
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