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5.052 Released

*sneaks in quickly then back out*

First Official Version using the GPL code, so there may be bugs I didn't catch.
Quests should in theory track more reliably including breadcrumb
Options Options Options:

- Under Quest Watch
- Hide Blizzard = Sets Blizzards built in tracker to hidden
- Track Scenarios = Place scenario objectives at the top of carbonite tracker
- Track Achievements = Place achievement tracks at the top of the carbonite tracker
- Track Challege = Place a timer at the top of carbonite tracker for challenge modes

- Under Quest
- Allow Sync = When carbonite tracks a quest, it will clear blizzard tracking and add the one carbonite is tracking to enable the quest blob on the minimap.

There is an incompatability with NPCScan overlay & GPL carbonite, but I sent him the fixed copy of his plugin, so hopefully we won't be without for to long.
For those concerned about curse, it has been uploaded there aswell, just waiting approval.

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