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Smile OpenRDX 7.0.4 patch available

Change logs OpenRDX 7.0.4 :

Omniscience / Bossmods :
The bossmods feature is listening Omniscience logs back.
Bossmods Ability Tracker: A message tell you if this feature is ON at initialisation.

Unitframes :
Update feature, Status bar interpolation by Cidan
smooth effect for status bar between two ticks.
How to activate it : Just need to check a box from the unitframe editor.

New feature, "Shader smooth power bar"
smooth effect for power bar like the new Blizzard 3.0 frames.
Available only for player and pet frames
How to use it : This feature works like the Timer Shader.
- Add a feature status bar. Do not indicate the frac variable.
- Add a Smooth Power Bar Shader, select the status bar you want to use.
- This feature use a update function to set the value of the status bar.
- You can also add a custom text feature, it will contains the % mana.

New feature, "Vars: Rune info" by Karma
Provides all the variables to design your runes cooldowns.

New feature, "My Predicted Health (mph, mpfh, mih)
You will be able to see predicted health total and your predicted health using two status bar colors.

Update feature, AuraIcons and AuraBars by Cidan
Add a new filter check box : Show only auras I can cure

Update feature, text
smart health/power display, k(kilo) and m(mega) is suffixed to values.

Unitframes fixs :
Feign death and pet, sometimes an error lua appears when your pet is dead. (bug report by Troox)
Power frac variable, no ticks for player and pet frames. (bug report by Cidan)
Combo points : combo pets on malygos ok your combo on target ok

Artframes :
Update feature, minimap.
Add zoom in/out effect using wheel by Ankiseth and Zypher

Others :
Message of windows Open/Close is disabled.
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