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Using Dropbox to sync computers, Don't want to sync some settings?

Last year I had a discussion here about syncing addons between two different computers, and have been using Dropbox to do so ever since.

Short form:
I've since ended up with the two computers having different monitor situations, and would like to NOT sync those settings, while still syncing the addons. I just don't know what files to *not* sync. Clue?

All the info:

I have one computer that's a relatively default setup - one monitor, 4x3 aspect ratio. Call it DR. I have another computer that has two monitors - a 4:3 and a 16:9. Call it BQ. When I'm well enough to sit at the desk, I use the 16:9 monitor. When I have to sit in a different chair that's farther away, I want things on the 4:3 - it's resolution is less, and so everything is bigger and can be seen better. In order to make the graphics work correctly in general, the 4:3 monitor needs to be the first one the computer sees.

There's a setting under System/Graphics, there's a Monitor dropdown with the options of Primary, Monitor 1, Monitor2. Since I'm currently mostly up to sitting at the desk, and have been using the 16:9 primarily, I've made that setting be 'Monitor 2'.

I've noticed that, after I have played a session of WoW on DR, when I come back to BQ WoW launches on the 4:3 monitor - in other words, that setting is getting changed back to 'Primary' on DR and synced across to BQ.

I have the Addons directory and the WTF directory being synced. There's a config file that's not in the WTF/Account directory. I expect that's what I should not be syncing, but I don't know for sure, and I don't know how *not* to sync it. I believe there are files under the Accounts that have to do with the addons, but I'm not sure what else there is that I need. I was told to sync the addons and wtf and everything would work, and I have dutifully followed instructions.

Thanks for any help.

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You're correct, that single config.wtf is what holds the system settings.

If you only want the addons sync'ed its the "Interface/AddOns" folder.If you want the addon settings to be sync'ed you should use the Accounts folder.

Edit: ARGH why won't it break that into two lines, damnit!
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