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Stuf, Alternate Power, and Fill on Loss functionality

So, I've been working on a WeakAura model/Stuf unit layout for my Priest for some time. I'm using fancy models for my health and mana, and using Stuf's Fill on Loss functionality to indicate lost health and mana, like so:

The little space on top was intended for my model-less Insanity meter, as I knew the Alternate Power bar config in Stuf did not have Fill on Loss, and that using models to indicate a lack of Insanity was counterintuitive. Insanity also spends the majority of the time empty, and it doesn't look so good for that bottom bar to be blank space.

But... Now that I reached the level where Insanity comes into play, my Mana and Alt Power bars have switched! Now Stuf's alt power config covers mana, while the regular power bar covers Insanity. So now, my visual theme is ruined.

So now, I'm asking: Would there be any way to add Fill on Loss functionality to Alternate Power Bars, or to somehow switch which power type is accounted for by which bar?
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