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Question Frame scaling/moving problem

I'm trying to put some UI customizations into an addon. This is my first try at creating anything on my own.
I tried moving the actionbars with:

MainMenuBar.SetPoint = function() end

The new position worked but got repositioned just seconds later. I've read about creating a frame but the examples given there did not work either. Moving the ObjectiveTrackerFrame did not work at all.

Then I tried scaling (which would achieve almost the same result) with:


That works but now left and right MultiBar disappear right after loading.

I disabled all other modules (and all other addons) and I deleted all wtf files for my testing char but to no avail ...

Does anybody have working code snippets for moving or scaling the actionbars?

Edit: I was not careful enough when checking the loaded addons. The scaling issue is connected to Chocolatebar - maybe to LibJostle? There's some code checking scaling in it. Any way I can scale while keeping MultiBars and Chocolate?

Inspired by this thread http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=49239 I tried:


Both Multibars were back but the scaling was gone.


... kept the scaling and the Multibars stayed - for 30 seconds. :-(

ChocolateBar has r57 of LibJostle, but there was only a toc update afterwards and no new release.

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