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Ace2 library versioning artifact?

i am working on an Ace2 addon (i.e. it embeds libraries from Ace2). assuming it is somehow relevant, this addon is Aloft (i have taken it over and am maintaining it; http://www.wowinterface.com/download...AloftBeta.html)

i have it working on the WoW PTR (i.e. WoW v3.0.2), using a version of the Ace2 libraries from the WoWAce SVN that i assume are currently being "ported" to WoW v3.0.2.

now i am trying to regression test it on a production realm (i.e. WoW 2.4.3), where i have Ace2 addons installed that are using older versions of the Ace2 libraries. i assume my users will be in the same situation: they will have Ace2 addons using these older versions of the libraries.

i am getting what i expect are version conflicts, in various libraries. all of them take a form *like* the following (which we have seen before):

AceOO-2.0-79634 (Aloft):734: AceComm-2.0: AceComm-2.0 requires AceEvent-2.0
AceComm-2.0-79554 (Aloft):2339: in main chunk
i assume this arises because AceEvent-2.0 is running in Aloft in a different (newer) version than it is in some other addon (in this case, specifically the production version of "Lib: Ace2", installed from WoWAce as an external), and the version(s) of AceOO-2.0 and/or AceComm-2.0 running in Aloft is detecting this. if i turn off that other mod (disable the external Ace2), and just run my development version of Aloft (with its newer libraries), the error goes away.

is there some way i can protect my users from this sort of confusion? or should i create a WotLK-only release of Aloft for people to use for a few weeks on the PTR/etc?

actually, i think i am inclined to just document this problem for my users and move on (the libraries seem compatible on WoW 2.4.3, they are just noisy at load time, and we only have a few weeks left until WotLK is released, and WoW at large has a patch)?

thanks for any advice you can offer.
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I'd say that your safest best to avoid compatibility issues is to temporarily create a WotLK-only release of Aloft, pulling Ace2 off the wotlk trunk (after all it won't really be that temporary and you shouldn't have issues unless you intend to release on live before wrath is released). Another alternative would be to replace Ace2 libs with their Ace3 equivalents, since Ace3 has close to zero issues in both environments at the moment but I'm guessing that is a time-consuming solution that you probably don't want to deal with at this point.
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Use Ace3 :P

Also, ace does have it's own forum you know...
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Originally Posted by Tristanian View Post
Another alternative would be to replace Ace2 libs with their Ace3 equivalents
actually, this is already high on my list of things to do.

my version of Aloft is a "beta", so i will probably go ahead and publish it, warts and all, so people can start banging on it on the PTR (time is of the essence). the WoW 3.x environment for nameplates changed quite a bit, so this was probably the larger risk (but it is basically done now).

it regression-tests adequately under WoW 2.4.3 and i don't think it will break folks, but i will do some more testing in conjunction with a broader selection of other addons and make sure i am not talking out of both sides of my mouth.

in the meantime, i can finish an Ace3 port (i already have a lot of the translation cut/paste done, but i need to finish things off) and bang on any new bugs that emerge in the next few weeks.

thanks for the responses.
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