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Need help setting up CompactRaidFrames via script

Hi guys,

I'm currently in the process of creating my own UI (standalone addon), which basically just repositions (and slightly modifies some of) the standard UI elements according to your display resolution and chosen profile (I made presets for different activities, like PvP or healing).

I've got everything set up and working so far except for the RaidFrames, which keep giving me trouble ...

I already managed to reposition them to where I want them, depending on the profiles. I managed to get them to auto switch depending on your current group/raid/pvp status, but what I cannot seem to get right is the configuration of the different RaidProfiles that I have.

Basically, my addon creates five RaidProfiles that it switches between: Party, 25Raid, 40Raid, Arena and Battleground. I now want to manage the different settings for each profile with each of my activity profiles. For example: You chose my healer preset, and now I want the party/rad etc to be positioned in the middle lower part of the screen (already can do that), but want the frames to be a certain height and width (I have no idea how to do that), want the sorting to be horizontal etc.. I basically want to control all the options via script, that you have when you are in the Interface -> Raid Profiles Menu.

Has anyone any idea how to do that in code? The only code snippet that I managed to find that even gets remotely close is

Lua Code:
  1. local n,w,h="CompactUnitFrameProfilesGeneralOptionsFrame"
  2. h,w=_G[n.."HeightSlider"],_G[n.."WidthSlider"]
  3. h:SetMinMaxValues(value,value)
  4. w:SetMinMaxValues(value,value)

which basically hacks the min and max values to be the same, but it doesn't auto apply those values, nor saves them between reloading. (Not that I would actually want this as a solution if I can help it ...)

I'm at a loss and thankful for all the help/pointers to where I might find answers that you can provide!
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