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Summon Random Favorite Mount [Improved]

I have created these global functions for my addon. "SummonRandomFavoriteMount()" has one difference from "C_MountJournal.SummonByID(0)"... Instead of only dismounting, if mounted (normal for that button); my function will dismount and mount the new mount in one command. I thought this might help others.

Also does anyone know of a good way to load an addon, followed by code execution involving that addon? That would be a nice tweak to this.

Edit: If this fails it's because the random mount chosen is the current mount.

-- Call after Blizzard's addon "Blizzard_Collections" is loaded
MountJournalSummonRandomFavoriteButton:SetScript("OnClick", SummonRandomFavoriteMount);
function GetOneFavoriteMount()
	local mountIdTable = C_MountJournal.GetMountIDs();
	local results = { };
	for idx = 1, #mountIdTable, 1 do
		local mountId = mountIdTable[idx];
		local _, _, _, _, isUsable, _, isFavorite = C_MountJournal.GetMountInfoByID(mountId)
		if (mountId and isFavorite and isUsable) then
			table.insert(results, mountId);
	if (#results > 0) then
		local rand = results[math.random(1, #results)];
		return C_MountJournal.GetMountInfoByID(rand);

function SummonRandomFavoriteMount()
	local _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, mountId = GetOneFavoriteMount();

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