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RDX capable of recreating Hudmap?

Hi all, some time back, I think it was Sigg replied to a question i left about RDX and how it could benefit me in relation to creating UI's with it as apposed to introducing other premade UI elements made by other authors. The main pressing question I have currently, now that i have finally decided to look closer at RDX, is RDX in any way shape or form able to recreate (Roughly/similarly) the Addon called Hudmap and or its more particular HUD display in relation to showing surrounding presence of other raid members? Im not so much interested in recreating the boss mods aspect of Hudmap but I still find it very useful to have a visual representation of where my team mates are in relation to myself, whether it be in PVE or PVP... Not looking for people to do it for me if its at all possible, really just looking for a quick heads up as to whether RDX is even capable of this

PS... May have in fact been Unlimit who mentioned to me the uses and advantage of using RDX, So i apologize it this was in fact the case

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Hi kaltoran,

I am sorry, but it is not possible to create hudmap with RDX.

There is no map nor range/position librairy in RDX to be able to handle that.

RDX manager
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