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oUF 8.0 Upgrade Guide

Upgrade Guide

Breaking changes:
  • Auras:
    • Spell ranks were removed from the API and are thus not a part of the arguments passed to ".CustomFilter"
  • Castbar:
    • Due to API changes the spell name is not being passed as an argument to "PostCastStop" and "PostChannelStop" any more.
    • "castID" and "spellID" are now only accessible as element attributes, so that "PostCastStop" and "PostChannelStop" will have a consistent list of arguments regardless of where they are called from.
  • MasterLooter:
    • The element has been removed due to API removal.
  • PvPIndicator:
    • One of the "status" argument's possible values was renamed from "ffa" to "FFA".
    • The Prestige sub-widget was renamed to Badge.
  • Runes:
    • Runes now support sorting by remaining cooldown through the ".sortOrder" option. Possible values are "asc" for ascending (from lowest to highest remaining cooldown), "desc" for descending, or nil for default sort order (by rune index).
    • "PostUpdate" is now called only after all runes have been sorted/updated and only the (sorted) rune map is now passed as an argument.
  • Core:
    • Group headers are now named more accurately when the layout has not provided a global name. Namely:
      • Raid groups with a numeric "groupFilter" attribute will be named "Raid1" rather than just "1".
      • Groups where the "groupFilter" is set to "TANK" won't be confused with "MAINTANK" anymore.
      • The unit suffix will be properly applied to headers when set through the "oUF-initialConfigFunction" attribute.
      • A header with the "showRaid" attribute will be considered a raid group only if the value is non-nil or non-false.
      • "pet" and "focus" will be camelCased when used as a unit suffix. This is now consistent with "target".

Non-breaking Changes:
  • Tags:
    • Tags can now be updated for units other than the frame units. This is achieved by passing the extra units as arguments to the "Tag" function:
      lua Code:
      1. self:Tag(fontString, '[player:curhp][pet:curhp]', 'pet')
      Be aware that both tag functions will be called when the relevant events fire for either the frame's or the 'pet' unit.

For the full changelog since the last Legion release, please see the commit log.
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