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castsequence macros help

pls i need some1 to explain me how do castsequence macros work and how to create them,for example a dps macro for MM hunter
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/castsequence reset=target Steady Shot, Steady Shot,  Chimera Shot, Steady Shot, Steady Shot, Arcane Shot, Arcane Shot,
This would be a very simple castsequence macro. It will cast all spells in that order as long as you keep smashing the button. The reset=target will cause the macro to reset whenever you change your target.
Resets can also be triggered by other conditions like entering/leaving combat or after x seconds. You would just need to replace target with combat or a number. And if i recall correctly the usual modifieres ctrl, alt and shift work too.

I didn't include Serpent Sting because I can't remember if it's possible to tell the macro to skip Serpent Sting if the target is already affected by that debuff so it would be a waste of focus.

Hope I could help.
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well it works exactly like Learza said, its jut that u dont want to use it as "dps macro for mm hunter" cuz ur dps will suck big time. U have to constantly move, etc etc and a lot of other things will **** up ur macro for sure. The only use of that macro in ur direction is to check ur theoretical dps but then again how u will adjust it to affect instant AiS procks?
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Like everyone has said a button-spam macro will never be as good as actually learning your shot priorities.

However since your performance is mainly your own business if you're ok with that then
Macrobank + WoWLazyMacros plugin should help.

WoWLazyMacros also has a website with the macros used / explained.
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