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GoGoMount Compatability

Is nUI compatible with an addon called "gogomount"? I realize the mounts can be accessed rather easily, but being able to simply hit a key combo (like CTRL ~) and automatically mount up with the fastest mount for that zone would be nice.


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I once wrote a macro for something like this. It wasn't superadvanced but basically I named 2 mounts, and then the macro checked for flyingzone or not, and mounted either one. I do not know if it still works, as I wrote it back in the Wrath of the Lich King days.

It is not really what you were looking for I know, but perhaps it is another option?


If you can use it, then the macro would look like this:

/dismount [mounted]
/cast [nomounted,flyable] Red Proto-Drake
/cast [nomounted, swimming] Abyssal Seahorse
/cast [nomounted,noflyable] Swift Brown Steed

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