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Health bars not updating

There apears to be a problem with the health bar second from bottom on the left in 10man mode not updating, It is a intermittent error that causes the health bar to "stick" between 80 - 90% health. So far I have only noticed the error in that particular health bar and haven't identified a trigger. Effect lasts for approx 10 mins before catching up or is reset by the corresponding player going below that health level.
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Hmm, didn't notice it last night in 10 naxx but then again I was in healy mode *sigh* and was busily watching my healbot which I drag out to sit above the raid frames.
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I only noticed it if the mob dies fast, and I mean fast. Since I needed some greens for leveling enchanting I did a few low level dungeons.

For example, take a level 80 to say stockades, one shot it and sometimes the health bar is still full while the poor elite is most definatly pushing up the daisies.. Guess that's the most easiest way to reproduce it.
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In a situation like that, it would be that bar updates stop when the mob is dead. Since you're pretty much one-shotting them, the bar never gets a proper update. I am looking into this though to see if there's some deeper problem.

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