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Upcoming 1.7 Changes

Iriel has started the (by now traditional) "Consolidated Changes Thread" on the Blizz forum, here.

And, as usual, we will try to keep this post updated with that same listing. Currently it stands at:

This thread will be an accumulation of the upcoming changes for the 1.7 patch.

Updated 12 September

UI Bug Fixes
* Fixed issue where shading of 'sticky' action buttons isn't reset when items are re-created (aka. Healthstone problem)
* ALT-TAB out of game and back again will no longer reset UI scale [In next test build after 2005-08-22]

Major/Comprehensive UI Changes
* When a unit ID changes its identity (appears/vanishes/updates) then only the identity event (such as PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED) will fire, individual property events (UNIT_HEALTH etc) will not fire on that transition, only if the property changes afterwards.
* Only one PARTY_MEMBERS_CHANGED event will be fired during party changes, instead of one for each member.
* While it
will still be possible to override files in Interface/FrameXML, doing so is discouraged (and is likely to become impossible in a future release). Significant API additions are being made to eliminate the need for such direct FrameXML changes (see below) so please begin to transition away from this.
* You will now be able to list .lua files directly in the .toc file (Eliminating the need for a stub .xml file in lua-only addons)
* You'll be able to create the directory Interface\Icons, and any .blp or .tga files you put in there will be available for your macros. Note that these icons should be
64x64 in size.
* TargetNearest* functions will only be usable in response to a hardware event.

* Macro cooldown indicators will function correctly after a UI reload (rather than breaking until macro is edited)
* Macros which are longer than 256 characters will be truncated.

* Fixed GetCurrentMapZone() so that the correct value will still be returned after a reload.
* Fixed GetZonePVPInfo() so that the correct value will still be returned after a reload.
Addons panel.

* You will be able to use pet spells in /cast and CastSpellByName(), and they'll work like player spells in macros.
* You will no longer have to specify the rank in /cast or CastSpellByName(). If you don't specify the rank, it will automatically use the highest rank of the spell
that you know. (emphasis Iriel's)
* You will be able to see and modify the auto-cast status of pet spells in the pet spellbook.

* GetItemInfo() will return an additional argument specifying the equipment type (e.g. Head, Legs, Chest, etc.)

* UnitHealthMax() and UnitHealth() will once again be consistent (Fixed bug where max remained 100 while health was full value)

UI Element Changes
* SimpleHTML lingering formatting bug resolved.
* GameTooltip's StatusBar texture will have a name.
* MinimapBorder will be the actual minimap border, and the top bar will be called MinimapBorderTop.
* Minimap button borders now all have names.
* Casting bar border now has a name.
* GameTooltip objects have the following new handlers: OnTooltipSetDefaultAnchor, OnTooltipAddMoney, OnTooltipCleared

New UI Element Methods
* handlerFunction = Frame:GetScript("handler") - (for handlers like "OnShow", "OnEnter", etc) which returns the current event handler for a frame.
* Frame:SetScript("handler", function) - sets the action/event handler for a frame (or removes it with a nil function) - Excellent for OnUpdate handlers!.
* FontString:SetFont("font", size [, "flags"]).
* StatusBar:SetStatusBarTexture("file" [, "layer"])
* lines = ScrollingMessageFrame:GetMaxLines()
* ScrollingMessageFrame:SetMaxLines(lines)
* ScrollingMessageFrame:EnableFading([isEnabled]) (Defaults to true)
* ScrollingMessageFrame:SetFadeDuration(seconds)
* ScrollingMessageFrame:SetTimeVisible(seconds)
* ScrollingMessageFrame:Clear()
* lines = EditBox:GetHistoryLines()
* EditBox:SetHistoryLines(lines)
* EditBox:SetIgnoreArrows([isIgnored]) (Defaults to true)
* r,g,b,a = FontString:GetTextColor()
* The SetPoint() and SetAllPoints() script functions can take an actual frame (or texture or fontstring) in place of the name. This is slightly more efficient, and can be used with unnamed frames.
* Frame:SetBackdrop(nil) / Frame:SetBackdrop({bgFile = "bgFile", edgeFile = "edgeFile", tile = false, tileSize = 0, edgeSize = 32, insets = { left = 0, right = 0, top = 0, bottom = 0 }}) (Note: This is a table argument)
* strata = Frame:GetFrameStrata()
* Frame:SetFrameStrata("strata")
* Frame:SetParent(nil or Frame or "FrameName")
* numChildren = Frame:GetNumChildren()
* child1,child2,... = Frame:GetChildren()

New Debugging Functions
* debugprofilestart() - starts a timer for profiling during debugging.
* millis = debugprofilestop() - return the time in milliseconds since the last call to debugprofilestart()

Saved Variables
* SavedVariables will no longer drop stored numbers to single precision.
* Infinite/Nan values no longer cause corrupted SavedVariables.lua file. (Written as nils with comment)
* Function and Table keys no longer cause crash on saved variables write. (Will be written as anonymous empty table or empty function)
Saved variables will be saved on a PER-ADDON basis, in WTF\Account\{accountname}\SavedVariables\{addonname}.lua and will only be loaded if the addon is loaded.

Chat and Combat Logging
* ChatFrameLog() and ToggleCombatLogFileWrite() are going away.
* New function isLogging=LoggingChat([newState]) (Returns new state (or current state if no argument))
* New function isLogging=LoggingCombat([newState]) and LoggingCombat() (As above)
* The file for the chat log is Logs\WoWChatLog.txt and the file for the combat log is Logs\WoWCombatLog.txt
* New slash command /chatlog which will toggle chat logging.
* Chat and combat log files will append rather than overwrite.

Addon Management
* You can specify addons as "Load on demand". See details in slouken's post below (
* Added numaddons = GetNumAddOns()
* Added name, title, notes, enabled, loadable, reason, security = GetAddOnInfo(index or "name")
* Added dep1, dep2, dep3, ... = GetAddOnDependencies(index or "name")
* Added loaded = IsAddOnLoaded(index or "name")
* Added loaded, reason = LoadAddOn(index or "name")
* Added EnableAddOn(index or "name") (After 2005-08-29)
* Added EnableAllAddOns() (After 2005-08-29)
* Added DisableAddOn(index or "name") (After 2005-08-29)
* Added DisableAllAddOns() (After 2005-08-29)
* Added ResetDisabledAddOns() (After 2005-08-29)

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some of these are going to be very cool for people who arn't interested in completely redoing blizzards frames... Also once the ability to hack the FrameXML gets removed someof these will be essential.
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I especially like the Frame:SetScript("handler", function) one as now we can totally disable or replace the functionality of some frames. Will make complete ui conversion addons possible...
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fyi, the wdn is updated with the diffs from the test server...
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Credendo Vides
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Updated 12 September in anticipation of it going live tomorrow
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