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Camera shake proc

This is my first post so correct me on anything that could be incorrect or misguided, but I've seen Addons whereas the modders can actually make adjustments to the camera and make it do what it previously couldn't do (like zooming out at a farther distance or adjusting positions depending on the situation). I've seen that people do not approve much on unnecessary shaking of the camera in serious moments but I would actually like to have or make an Addon that has the camera do a quick shake whenever I land a powerful hit mainly for the satisfaction of dealing an impacting attack that Azeroth herself would feel(ex. Camera shakes when I do 25000+ dmg with every critical hit or shakes when I do 50000+ dmg in one hit). If anyone could give any tips on how I can have an addon like that to be setup, I'd appreciate it cause I feel like to me, it's the one thing I'm missing to have more hype than ever. This is my main example on how I like to see my attacks affect the camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3k1D4FyYtPM
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