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Assigning macros to mouse buttons. help!

Hey all,

I've been using the mod Clique and using such macros as: /cast [target=mouseover] Flash of Light. I like the ease of hovering over the ctraid targets with my mouse and using my mouse buttons to do my macros.. Example. Mouse Button 1 is Flash of Light,. Mouse button 2 is Holy Light etc..

My problem is that the macros no longer work when the Clique mod is out of date so what I would like to know is how to setup my mouse over button heal macros INSIDE the macro itself, and not depending on Clique. I've been reading posts and so far I have come up with something like this, but it still doesnt work:

cast [target=mouseover, button:1] Flash of Light

If anyone has a clue how to get what I'm tryin to explain workin...
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You can't have both mouseover and button1, because when you have button1 you click the spell ICON with left mouse button, then the spell is target. Do

/cast [target=mouseover,exist,help] Flash of Light; Flash of Light

and replace your current flash of light spell with it. It will heal your target if you have no friendly mouseover and yourself if you have no target and autoself cast or yourself as target

Happy to help =)

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uhm, Clique isn't out of date...
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