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Mana cost of a spell

Hi there,

I'm trying to write a little addon that shall make a mage's (or warlock's or priest's or any caster's) life a little bit easier.
The main idea is the following: Let's say you're a mage and have the fireball spell rank 1 and rank 2. Normally you would cast fireball rank 2 because it does more damage, but what do you do when you have a bit mana left but it isn't enough for a rank 2 fireball? You would cast a rank 1 fireball perhaps. My addon shall exactly do that. I built yesterday a macro (yeah it's a far way to go for a complete addon but for a first step a macro does quite well ) which would do that, so basically it works... A little problem that occurs now: How do I read out the manacost of a spell? Yesterday I hardcoded it for testing but if it shall be a standalone addon it would be better when it would dynamically read out this data (and would save me a lot of typing )

So if anyone has an idea how I could read out the manacost of a spell it would be a great help.

Greetings Door
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