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08-31-23, 08:24 PM   #1
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Can't get profiles to show in external options frame.

I'm not the best at explaining what I'm doing usually, but I felt this would probably be a simple fix for some of the wizards on this site. Currently my profiles save like they should but my issue is it only shows up in the Blizzard interface options but not for the external GUI.

function core:OpenConfig(...)
	core.ACD:SetDefaultSize(folder, 655, 500)
	if ... then
		core.ACD:SelectGroup(folder, ...)
	elseif core.ACD:Close(folder) then

function core:CloseConfig(...)
	if ... then
		core.ACD:SelectGroup(folder, ...)
	elseif not core.ACD:Open(folder) then
This is what i currently am using to call and close the external, I dont think the fix is in these lines but maybe, Ive gradually self learning all these diff types of coding. Very..... slowly....

oik so heres my register to blizz options

core.db = LibStub("AceDB-3.0"):New("RasPortDB", core.defaults, true)
		LibStub("AceConfig-3.0"):RegisterOptionsTable(folder, core.options)
		core.optionsFrame = core.ACD:AddToBlizOptions(folder, folder)

		local profiles = LibStub("AceDBOptions-3.0"):GetOptionsTable(core.db)
		LibStub("AceConfig-3.0"):RegisterOptionsTable("Profiles", profiles)
		core.optionsFrame = core.ACD:AddToBlizOptions("Profiles", "Profiles", "RasPort")
If its a silly question just simple overlook it or close the post. Anywho thanks for the genuine help. Ive been having a blast learning. Bless you all!!!
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