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How to dump a table to the screen

Is there a lua equivalent to var_dump from

Basically I wanting to know what's inside a table.
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I did that?
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/dump <table name>
but the table has to be global.

Otherwise, in code you could:
Lua Code:
  1. DevTools_Dump(table)

Edited after remembering DevTools had changed from it's original incarnation thanks to wardz and LudiusMaximus.
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/dump table
/run DevTools_DumpCommand("table")
/run DevTools_Dump(table)

Edit; might need UIParentLoadAddOn("Blizzard_DebugTools") if not using /dump

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When I want to search recursively for strings in tables, I use this function:

Lua Code:
  1. local function PrintTable(t, indent)
  2.   assert(type(t) == "table", "PrintTable() called for non-table!")
  4.   local indentString = ""
  5.   for i = 1, indent do
  6.     indentString = indentString .. "  "
  7.   end
  9.   for k, v in pairs(t) do
  10.     if type(v) ~= "table" then
  11.       if type(v) == "string" then
  12.         print(indentString, k, "=", v)
  13.       end
  14.     else
  15.       print(indentString, k, "=")
  16.       print(indentString, "  {")
  17.       PrintTable(v, indent + 2)
  18.       print(indentString, "  }")
  19.     end
  20.   end
  21. end
  23. PrintTable(tableToPrint, 1)
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The built-in DevTools also supplies a /tableinspect command that allows you to navigate tables in an inspection window.
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