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Question Best way to get (or at least suppose) some hidden aura informaton


There are two scenarios where I want to get information from an aura that doesn't seem to be available anywhere. I want to know if you have a better idea of how get (or at lest suppose) this information.


The first case is to know if a user has this aura Familiar Predicaments (which is a hidden aura). This is one of the last Soulbind Abilities of Nadjia (Venthyr). This aura reduces the incoming interrupts, snare and roots effects by 25%.

My addon shows a interrupts cooldown icon when someone is interrupted. This is done via the COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFIRLERED with the SPELL_INTERRUPT event. The duration is not provided, so the addon uses a prebuilded table with the corresponding duration for every interrupt spellId. Then, the addon checks if the unit has some auras that affect the interrupt duration, at the moment this (Concentration Aura) and this (Moon and Stars). The problem with Familiar Predicaments is that it is a hidden aura and it's not reported by UnitAura. What can i do here? Is there any way to know if someone has this aura present? For the "player" unit I can easily obtain information from the soulbind through the API, but not for the rest of the units.

The best thing that I have come up with so far is trying to spot the soulbinds of the different units through the combat events. For example, if a unit is detected as Night Fae this means that this unit has not this soulbind spell, if it is detected as Venthir but with another soulbind instead of Nadjia the same. I am even thinking of creating a library that serves to detect as far as possible the covenant, soulbind and conduits of other people. This would be a project with some complexity, so I am interested in knowing in advance if there is an easier way to obtain this information.


The second case is a little different. In this case, I want to get some extra information about the aura spells Darkness and Anti-Magic Zone.

These spells can be modified by the PvP talents Cover of Darkness and Dome of Ancient Shadow respectively. When a unit is affected by this aura I want to know if it is affected by this PvP talent, since the spellId does not change whether you have selected the talent or not. If this spell was casted by the player, it is easy to obtain information on whether he has this talent selected and if he is in a PvP zone through the API. But I don't know how to get this information when the one casting this ability is another unit.

With the UnitAura function, no extra flag is obtained that gives information about this (it only returns 15 parameters, none extra), which is how this extra information about an aura is usually obtained. The last thing I tried is to get this information through the aura tooltip, since I believed that it was updated correctly by putting 20% ​​when the spell was not affected by this talent and putting 70% (Darkness) or 80% (Anti-Magic Zone) when it was. However, I have seen that the tooltip only shows correctly for the one who casts the spell, for the rest of the players the tooltip of the aura will always show 20% (I have only tested this with Darkness, but I suppose the same will happen with Anti-Magic Zone).

I understand that there are cases where it can be ensured that the spell is not affected by the talent, such as in PvE environments where PvP talents do not work (Raids, Dungeons, in the World if you have PvP Mode off, etc). However, for PvP environments, at the moment I don't know how you can know if another unit (friendly or enemy) affected by this aura is doing it with its improved version or not. Any ideas?

Greetings and thank you

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