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RealUI Won't install without all addons present

Summary: If you are having issues installing RealUI on a new character since 8.1.5 my fix was to reinstall RealUI with all original addons enabled, delete RealUI Saved Varables out of your account (not character) and it should prompt you to re-install on that character at next log in. After a fresh install you can shut off addons you do not use such as Grid2 and the bag addon.

Context: This may sound like a no brainer but I am only recently running into this issue and I spent some time deleting WTF/Interface/Cache folders and maybe I can help someone else before they do that.

I do not use the bag addon or Clique/Grid2 and never have with RealUI replacement. I stopped even putting those in my folder when replacing with updates. I spent the last hour or so troubleshooting why I was unable to install RealUI on a new character since 8.1.5 dropped and a RealUI update. Once RealUI is installed fresh, it seems I can dump any of those addons freely. If I go to install on a new character I get LUA errors that I cannot click on since the RealUI install frame is over everything. Following the Summary after this happens and turning on all original addons that come with RealUI allows a fresh install to happen.

I use Vuhdo and Adibags with RealUI instead of what comes with RealUI in case anyone cared. Hopefully this post makes sense. I'm not sure what other details might be useful. I am just a regular person plugging and playing addons...

Edit - In practice, deleting the files mentioned in SavedVaribles may not work after trying it again... but this time that I did try to recreate it RealUI wasn't broken.

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Thanks! Didn't delete any folders but all Addons need to be enabled, works fine for me.
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As an alternative as I become better at breaking/screwing up something in the RealUI options and fixing it...

Turn on all original addons, Reset the default profile (pending you don't make any big changes like me to RealUI on install), reload RealUI, has been fixing the previous issues mentioned. No additional file deleting or crazy surgery to my other addon profiles were needed. Again I figure some of this obvious for smarter folks.
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