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Window scaling?

ok im not sure if this has been covered or not, but does nUI have a form of Viewport scaling? i had used nUI for a very long time until .... i had to use the abom in ICC i come acrossed a small issue that makes using nUI very difficult unless you change your view area drastically. to use the abom propperly u need to stand as close to the center of the slime puddles, and when your inside controlling the abom you cant even see the aboms feet unless you turn ur camera angle to looking at the floor, making it alil hard to see a large portion of the room, now i know this is only one instance that makes this difficult, and i couldnt find anything telling me if this has something setup for this or if u can adjust its scaling but it would be a very nice thing to have in there so your actual game surface isnt truncated by the 2 inches or so of addon taking up the bottom of the screen. I have since stopped using nUI and would love to return to using it, ive downloaded a viewport mod and added a bunch of addons and still dont like it as i liked nUI all in one addon. could i also use the viewport mod i have downloaded to fix this issue or am i confused.
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I had to temporarily remove the viewport from nUI because of the sky and water rendering bug that was introduced in the WoW 4.0 patch -- no addon can successfully use viewports at present without breaking how the graphics are rendered.

That said, you do have the option to zoom the camera out further... go to the interface video settings menu and set the zoom to max distance and mousewheel the camera out. The other option is to use alt-z to hide the UI entirely.

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I know I am asking this under an old thread but I am having an issue with my camera adjustment. I have always been able to use the mousewheel to zoom in and out. I don't like it when the view is very close to my toon. I like the toon a bit further away. I hope that makes sense.

Right now my mousewheel does not change the view at all. Is there another way to change the view. I did as you said above and went to the interface options to max out the camera distance but that did not help.

I saw another post about there being some issue with the viewport and auras and was wondering if this is the cause of my problem? Will this be corrected in nUI6?

Thank you for you time.
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Yes, it sounds like the mouse is hovering over an area that may have a hidden aura icon underneath it and because it is mouse interactable ( I believe ) it is trying to check what you are doing instead of the world frame itself.

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