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Thingy at the top needs to move...

Okay, you see that bar at the top, with the latency, green bars, character info, player / target button, etc? Well, it's right in the freaking way. Gets me killed from time to time, because I'm not aware that I'm running straight into a monster, I really do not want to get kicked from a party because Oh "he ran right into the monster..."

My idea is, move the Player/Target button to the left or right, and put the buttons below it in its place, giving much more vision, or even better putting the entire thing to the left / right / center, with a button that allows you to choose which on the side that the Player/Target button isn't on.

Left/Right/Center, greenbar1 char info etc greenbar2, Player/Target

Thank you for reading.

Edit: Just noticed, it would fit snugly right above the recount / map area, under the bags, if you moved the bags up a little bit.

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/nui movers
and / or /nui console {on|off|mouseover}
and / or http://www.wowinterface.com/download...t_Console.html


The only things left are the latency/fps meters and hud button.
Take it as you want or leave it as it is.

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Thank you very much, with it turned off it's so much easier to see where I'm going !
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i see no problem with where it is now , just change your camera settings

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