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Lightbulb BuffBars Tweaks / Threat indication in UnitFrames.

Ok, been using NUI5 and absolutely love it <edited out by SPIEL2001>. I'm not sure if this is a feature that's being updated in later Nui5/Nui6 versions, but for the buff/debuff bars: present the option for a time shrinking bar that is overlaid with the current data for each buff (ah-la ForteXorcist) to provide a quick visual reference of which buff/spell/HoT will wear off first. Maybe toggle'able for those that prefer the classic look. It looks like the current implementation would need very little modification to the data layer, just the addition of the shrinking bar on the layer below.

As a Resto Dudu, I tend to keep an eye on this the most, for which HoT to refresh, and I'm sure that other classes would use this feature too.

ForteXorcist Example: See the Spell Timer Bars on the Right

Also, I know other people have suggested it, but some way in the unit frames to indicate threat (Healbot does this by color coding the entire bar for Securely Tanking/Insecurely Tanking/Non-Tank w/Threat, as well as an optional line gauge for how much threat they have picked up). even just a 2 pixel wide horizontal line gauge as an option on the unit bars would give us a quick reference as to who has the most threat on them (as well as allow your poor, overworked, under-appreciated healers to anticipate healing when the Ranged DPS camp starts pulling more aggro than they should, or accidentally gets an add focused on them).

Final stupid question: It has already been said that Nui5 is at end of life. Will there be any more WotLK (3.3.5) compatible releases, or what is the final release available for LK?
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Doubt WoWinterface or any of the add on authors will support private servers. And its not really appreciated to discuss them either. (Note; official fan sites can get in trouble of they allow these topics).

I suggest you just remove that part of your post.
Take it as you want or leave it as it is.

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Discussion of private servers or help with addons on private servers are not allowed on this forum. This is your only warning.


Thanks for your understanding.
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Just a quick reply to state that

(a) your suggestions are appreciated, read and understood
(b) I will not support private servers and do no appreciate them being brought up
(c) Because of the nature of the original post, I won't comment any further on it

I trust you'll understand.


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