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Exclamation Current "to-do" list...

This list is maintained at http://www.nuiaddon.com/documentation.html

To-Do List / Planned features

* Add mapping of rare mobs to the minimap, battlefield map and system map

* Opposite faction PvP alert

* Add cooldown counters to the pet bar (doh... long overdue)

* Add health bar colors by class

* Add an audio cue to the hunter pet feeder

* Fix faction watching to not auto-switch

* Add white list / black list for aura displays in unit frames

* Add a white list / black list for aura displays on the cooldown bar

* Add Grid style indicators to unit frames

* Add XP per hour

* Add character profiles

* Add action bar profiles

* Add key-bind profiles

* Add an option to disable nUI noob tooltips

* Death Knights need a timer for their pet expiration... should also have a ghoul timer

* Add Threat Bar back

* Add totem timers

* Add audio cues for cooldowns, cc breaks, etc.

* Add DruidManaBar type functionality to unit frames

* Add 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 unit frame panels for arena play

* Add Proximo functionality to unit frames for arena unit panels

* Add durability, wardrobe manager, ammo tracker and gold tracker to console buttons

* Add autobar style support for quest items, food/drink/pots, mounts, vanity pets

* Add option to set location precision to zero decimal places on coordinate display

* Add target marking tool a la LuckyCharms

* Add recommended zone functionality to the location box a la FuBar RecZone

* Add a swing timer

* Automatic announcement of key debuffs in raid/party chat (i.e. chains of ice)

* Loot management a la http://www.wowace.com/projects/zzml/ -- maybe?

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