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Lightbulb Warehouse across Blizzard's "Connected realms"?

I'm wondering if it would be possible to modify the Carbonite Warehouse (some day in the future) so that it could then recognize bank slots when a user has characters on two realms (Connected realms)?

Blizzard already allows sending items via its Mailbox between the two Connected realms. That's what made think that it "might" be possible, since "the game" has some sort of communication link already. Maybe it could be a separate Tab, or even a new column in the "View all" frame?

Don't bite my head off, please. I'm only thinking out loud here. (grin). I can imagine the wonderful advantages of it.
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I thought it would be tricky to get a list of realms Connected to the current realm, but it turns out there's an API function for that.

With that data Warehouse could theoretically just display the data for all recorded characters on those realms, but there's probably more to it than that.
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excellent idea for a future update! As soon as my realm was connected with another, I went out and made alts on it. Definitely something I see as being highly useful.
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*crosses his arms like Genie from Aladdin*

Wish Granted. (just uploaded to git).
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Thanks Rythal!

I thought I was seeing double --- and, I was right! ha ha. Except for the character which is logged on, the warehouse shows duplicate names of all the other characters. Do you see that also, Rythal? Maybe I need to adjust something?

Edit: I'm using your latest github version as of 5:00am (pacific), Friday, Dec 5th

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12-18-14, 05:25 AM   #6
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Something strange happened with the Warehouse

Using the github version which I downloaded on Dec 12, 2014, 10:38PM (Pacific Time). Note: I'm aware the version I'm using is not the most recent version. Maybe this issue has been corrected, too?

Issue: Only 3 days ago, the Warehouse was showing double-entries of all my character's user-names, except for the current character being used. Then, yesterday (for some unknown reason), that issue appeared to have been resolved, even though I did not change anything such as installing a new update, etc. The list of my characters showed only one instance of each of their names (it was no longer duplicated!). Then, today, it resorted back to displaying each of the character names twice, except for the currently logged in character.

I don't know if Carbonite has a "script" running in the background which might be effecting the behavior of how the Warehouse lua is working, or not? As I said already, I haven't updated anything, nor have I changed any options, as far as I can tell. But.... in any event, it worked properly for one day. LOL

EDITED - NOTE: I tested both situations with no other addons loaded except for these two:
Carbonite and Warehouse.

Image: (This image shows only an example of the incorrect way it's presenting information).
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Warehouse_Doubling_Characters_and_Item_Counts.jpg
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Could this be a clue which might help identify the issue?

Without changing anything from yesterday or today, I noticed something new. I have 11 characters on a certain realm (Goldrinn). It's a realm for Brazil.
None of my char's on that realm show duplicate names!

I also have other char's on each of 3 or 4 other realms, yet those realms (all) display duplicate char names!
-- All the addons I use are identical on each char on each of the realms. The settings are all the same.
-- The addons I use are: Carbonite-github, Auctioneer addon, Zygor Guides.
-- Last week I went through the process of deleting WTF, all addons except Carbonite, etc. It had no positive effect, so I went back to using them again.

If it works properly on one realm, but not on the other realms, that may be a clue of some sort (which I have no way of determining). Maybe somebody else might have an idea as to why. I hope there's something I might be able to change to have them all work like the Goldrinn realm. Its perfect.

I don't expect Rythal to stop working on whatever he's working on. This issue can wait until later. I'm only pointing out what I have been observing.

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