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iLevel overlay for bags/Goblin Vendor Filter replacement

I'm hoping somebody can point me to and addon that replaces, and has the same features as, Goblin Vendor Filter. GVF has been broke for a while and while using the built in blizzard version works somewhat it was better when I could filter all types of vendor items instead of a specific type. i.e. buying cloth DMF armor replicas on my plate wearer. Easier with GVF to filter cloth items, instead of selecting all in blizzard's ui and having to sift through all armor types to fins the cloth pieces in the list of 50.

Also, hoping someone can pint me in the direction of any addons that place an iLevel number overlay on items in your bag. I'm looking for one that doesn't require a bag/inventory addon like AdiBags if possible, one that can just be used with the vanilla blizzard inventory UI. I've seen the ones for the inventory replacement addons, but I'm not currently looking to move to one yet.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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