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Mod macros & talents

Hello, hello.

I use mod macros on all my characters to group abilities by type (CC, defensives, movement, interrupts/stuns, etc.) to maintain consistency across specs and characters.

For example, my priest has:

/cast [mod:shift] Shackle Undead; Void Tendrils
to cast Void Tendrils when I press "F", and Shackle on Shift+"F". Of course, Void Tendrils is a talent, and if I decide to change which CC talent I'm using to Psychic Scream or Dominate Mind, I have to change the macro as well. I know they've recently changed talent buttons to swap automatically when changing talents, but it doesn't work in macros.

My question is, how is Blizzard changing talent buttons automatically? Is it possible to do it in a mod macro? If so, how?
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