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Iron Man Addon

My addon is a hardcore Iron Man addon.
The player must level to max in accordance with the following rules;

1. Do not die.
2. Do not boost.
3. No professions.
4. No gear other than starting weapons.
5. No mounts.
6. Do not join a party.
7. Do not join a raid.
8. Do not join a guild.
9. Do not start a guild.
10. No flight paths.
11. No pet battles.
12. No mail.
13. No auction house.
14. No hearthstones.
15. No mage portals.
16. No mage teleports.
17. No instances.
18. No trades.
19. No heirlooms.
20. No toys.
21. No macros.
22. No death gate.
23. No Druid travel forms.
24. No Shaman ghost wolf form.
25. No mission tables.

I have tried my hardest to ensure the addon helps the player adhere to the rules.

I have set max level to 5 for testing.
To test at different levels edit the code at lines 76 and 77.

I am still self-learning programming so my code may be rather rudimentary and there may be better ways to achieve my goals, but I think I have covered all bases.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

"As someone once told me, frames are just special types of tables, and tables are special types of pointers."
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