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Tooltip when hovering over an item.

Lua Code:
  1. local addonName, addon = ...
  2. -- Define localization table for German language
  3. local L = {
  4.     [210714] = {
  5.         ["name"] = "Abgesplitterter tödlicher Saphir", -- Translate item name
  6.     },
  7. }
  9. -- Hooking into the default GameTooltip to add our custom text
  10. local function AddTooltipInfo(tooltip)
  11.     local _, itemLink = tooltip:GetItem()
  12.     if itemLink then
  13.         local itemId = tonumber(itemLink:match("item:(%d+)"))
  14.         if itemId then
  15.             -- Check if the item ID is in our localization table
  16.             local localizedItem = L[itemId]
  17.             if localizedItem then
  18.                 tooltip:AddLine(localizedItem["name"])
  19.             end
  20.         end
  21.     end
  22.     tooltip:Show()
  23. end
  25. -- Hooking the GameTooltip's SetHyperlink method to update our tooltip
  26. hooksecurefunc(GameTooltip, "SetHyperlink", AddTooltipInfo)

Hi all. I need your help again.

Description of the problem: There is an item in the bag "Chipped Deadly Sapphire" (ID 210714). It is necessary that when you hover the mouse over it or on the object itself, an inscription appears. Or the inscription appeared in the tooltip above the item.

As it is now: The tooltip appears only if the item is “Linked” into the chat.
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